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The Impact of The Colours We Wear

The impact of colour on your image.

The use of colour is one of the most effective and easiest ways to improve your image. Colour can be added to your hair, makeup, accessories, and clothing to spruce up your look or make an outfit look dressier or more glamorous.

In this episode, Bellona Beryl Chopera speaks with Leisl Hillman, a certified Image Consultant & Stylist, an expert on the use of colour as an image management tool. Leisl’s personal journey experimenting with bright colours and discovering her ideal colours, now as an image consultant focusing on colour analysis, makes her an expert on this topic.

Topics discussed include:

  1. The ageing and draining effects of wearing the wrong colours;

  2. The importance of having a style and colour analysis done by a certified Image Consultant;

  3. The science behind the colour analysis;

  4. How to incorporate colour into hair, nails, makeup;

  5. It’s not about your race - it’s about your skin undertones

Leisl Hillman believes that style is the game-changer in looking polished!

Schedule an appointment for a style and colour analysis today and receive guaranteed advice on improved outward appearance!


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