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Interview Etiquette: Tips for succeeding at job interviews

With life slowly returning to some level of normal, people are back in their workplaces and even making career moves. Organisations are making some roles redundant and recruiting for other roles to meet the new challenges post COVID-19.

Although many people are venturing into entrepreneurship and becoming self-employed, some of us still seek formal employment. Selling oneself doesn’t come naturally to most. These high-pressure meetings with a panel of people we don’t know, asking questions we don’t necessarily know the answer to, are bound to feel completely unnatural and sometimes scary.

Joining us for this episode is Tatenda Tanyanyiwa, a qualified and experienced Human Resources practitioner, an expert on everything recruitment. Tatenda will help us navigate our way to the top of the recruitment list by addressing issues on, but not limited to:

1. The implications of being too early for an interview;

2. Whether or not a candidate can be overdressed for an interview;

3. The impact of good manners during an interview;

4. What your body language says about you during an interview;

5. Why a candidate needs to show that they have researched the organisation before an interview;

6. Digital presence - the new background check.

Maintaining proper interview etiquette is an absolutely crucial first step to making a great impression. Press play and find out everything you need to know about job interview etiquette.


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