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Image matters, perception is reality.

- Bellona Chopera -

Professional Presence

Our mission is to help clients exercise greater control over the impressions they create and the perceptions they influence through the three key image pillars of appearance, behaviour and communication.

Business Units
Professional Presence Image Consultant

Image Consulting

Professional Presence Image  Consultants guide and train people on how to manage their appearance, behaviour and communication to create positive first and repeat impressions.

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Beauty Academy

Professional Presence Beauty Academy provides training in Beauty Therapy, Makeup Artistry, Beauty Salon and Spa Management.  


Finishing School

Professional Presence Finishing School provides strategic development courses from grooming and etiquette to leadership and investment skills.

Why clients choose us

Find out how we can help you achieve a polished image. 

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Personal Image Consulting

Let us help you make great first and repeat impressions by working on your complete image.

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Professional Image Consulting

From the initial interview to future promotions we impact the alignment of your personal and career goals. 

Wardrobe Auditing

We help you organise your closet to focus on your authentic style and declutter what no longer suits you.

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Personal Colour Analysis

We help you to identify your ideal personal colour palette which guides you when selecting clothes, accessories, and makeup.

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Corporate Image Consulting

We can help you train graduates, newly promoted managers, and front office staff in grooming and etiquette to reflect your corporate image.

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Confidence coaching and personal branding manifest themselves in increased performance for business and social success. Let us help you build your personal brand. 

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Personal Shopping

Let us help you source and supply your next outfit using our local, regional, and international networks.

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Group Dress Code and Uniform Styling

From dress code drafting to working with uniform suppliers, we produce informed designs tailored to suit your group identity.

Are you ready to polish your professional and personal image?

The faculty courses are specifically designed to empower students with skills that give them a competitive advantage and bankable skills.

Professional Presence Bootcamp.jpg
Rough Diamond To Polished Bootcamp

Learn the strategies required to be considered an attractive, affluent, and intelligent man or woman of today through your appearance, behaviour, and communication. 

Professional Presence MakeUp
Make-up Artistry

Refresh and update your current skills and get a deeper understanding of makeup as a business. 

Professional Presence Children Grooming.
Children's Grooming and Etiquette Workshop

Give your children a competitive advantage with this fun and interactive one-day Grooming and Etiquette workshop.

This programme will give you the tools and practices required to become a globally-mined, adaptive and confident man or woman by managing your mindset, appearance, behaviour and communication. 

Discover the latest articles and videos covering everything in fashion, grooming, beauty, and lifestyle. 

Image Matters the Book ..jpg

New Book

Image Matters:
The Appearance Factor

This book gives clarity on the importance of managing one’s appearance from head to toe, from the inside out using relatable, real-life examples.

Foreword by Langa Sibanda Lloyd, former Miss Universe Zimbabwe.

The purpose of this podcast is to provide you with valuable insights and conversations around the 3 key pillars of image management. Experts from various fields of image management will be joining us to explore topics and issues around building the best skincare routine, professional grooming and etiquette, tips to improve our health and wellbeing, how to build your digital presence, and, many more including, stimulating conversations around fashion and style trends. 

Image matters podcast cover.jpg

Meet our Founder

Bellona Beryl Chopera

Founder and Certified Image Consultant 

Bellona is a certified Image Consultant and Stylist. An alumna of the SA Image Academy, as well as CIDESCO (Switzerland). She is a member of the International Professional Image Association.


A wife and mother of three children, with over 15 years working experience in legal, tourism and financial sectors. Her last role was in a Banking Institution as a Human Resources Manager, where she gained experience in training, recruitment and selection. This has proven vital in her current endeavour, training individuals and understanding the needs of corporates. 

Professional Presence's three (3) business units reflect the areas Bellona is most passionate about: Image Consulting, Beauty Academy and Finishing School.

Bellona Chopera

Associations & Collaborations

Let your image walk the talk.

Find out how we can help you achieve a polished image. 

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Professional Presence
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