Children Tying Their Shoes

Children's Grooming and Etiquette Workshop

All people, including children, are judged by the impression they make within the first 7 seconds of first meeting them! Teaching your children to master their appearance, behaviour, and communication is a valuable enhancement to their overall education.


Give your children a competitive advantage with this fun and interactive one-day Grooming and Etiquette workshop. The workshop teaches students communication skills, good manners, and how to present a poised and polished image that will set them head and shoulders above the rest. The course begins by introducing: bathing and dressing, hairstyles, dining etiquette, online etiquette and much, much more. 

Limited places are available!




Certificate of completion


USD 30.00


1 PM - 5 PM


Meal during dining etiquette


Borrowdale Brooke Country Club


Gift pack with grooming essentials

What you'll learn

Learn self-care skills for daily living. Get your young ones ready to participate in life activities including: bathing and dressing

Learn good manners - Every child should learn basic good manners and imbibe them from a very young age

Develop better telephone communication skills. Get to know how to build and improve unique attributes that facilitate excellent communication, online and offline 

How to look good at school - Uniform and hairstyle tips

How to become a better public speaker with tips on effective public speaking skills 

Get to know the different dining etiquette rules with a full course meal provided

Who is this course for:

  • Children aged between 8 to 15 years old


  •  Face masks

  •  Respect COVID-19 Precautions



  • Bathing - are you bathing or just passing through water?

  • How to use fragrances

  • Dressing for school - why uniforms matter

  • Dressing for events - understanding dress codes

  • Hair we go again - hair care and hairstyles


  • Who am I - vision board exercise

  • Manners maketh man (woman) - respecting myself and respecting others

  • How to be confident

  • Posture and poise - how to sit and how to walk

  • Dining etiquette (including meal and drink)


  • Online communication - minding your digital presence

  • Listening is more important than speaking

  • Public speaking -how to speak to diverse audiences

  • What your body language says about you

COVID-19 Precautions

Help stop the spread and stay healthy

Wear face coverings

Wash your hands

Maintain social distancing

Clean and disinfect 



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