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Finding Your Purpose

What’s your why?

Have you ever found yourself asking “what is my purpose? Why am I here?” In this podcast episode, we speak to Barbara Mutedzi on the topic of purpose. Knowing your why, and walking fully in your purpose is essential for a good overall image.

Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership Coach trained in neuroscience-based coaching, with a background in health and community psychology, socio-cultural and medical anthropology.

As a human catalyst, her purpose is to help you harness and control the power you already have within you, to live your life purpose. Where you may not be sure or need help clarifying your purpose, Barbara helps you on the path to figuring it out.

Specific to businesses and leaders, Barbara focuses on sharpening their leadership skills, by honing in on their business acumen, emotional intelligence and agility; all with the purpose of increasing performance, impact and profit.

In this episode we explore and discuss:

  1. What is purpose?

  2. The difference between purpose and destiny;

  3. How to find your purpose;

  4. How to address challenges such as fulfilling your purpose whilst needing to meet financial obligations; and

  5. Whether or not your purpose can change.

Press play, get educated, enlightened, and entertained. Share with a friend who could benefit from the insights.


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