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Dance Your Way to Fitness

We are well into our first month of the year. Resolutions have been made, goals have been set, and some of the most common goals at the beginning of a new year are to get fit, start or increase exercise and of course weight loss.

In this episode, I speak to Rudairo Munangatire about dance fitness as an exercise option. Rudairo is a dance fitness instructor and a qualified counsellor, studying towards her master's degree in Psychology. She is passionate about dance, choreography, fitness, mental health and making a difference in people’s lives. All these elements fit in well with her chosen vocation.

We explore in our conversation :

  1. The importance of exercise in various forms;

  2. The many benefits of dance fitness;

  3. Zumba versus dance fitness;

  4. The link between dance fitness and mental health;

  5. Location is not a factor

Dance fitness is for everyone, all ages, shapes and backgrounds. If you have access to music of any genre and an interest in dancing, then dance fitness can help you gain and maintain fitness, improve your mental health and give you something fun to do in a virtual group, on your own, or with your family members.

Being happier and healthier is definitely good for your overall image!

Schedule an appointment for online consultation on ways you can improve your image during the lockdown.


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