Discover Our Essential Guide To Caring For Your Skin

The purpose of this podcast is to gain valuable insights and tips towards personal development from experts in various fields that affect our overall image.

In our first episode, we explore topics and issues around beauty and skincare. Your appearance or your outer image is one of the five elements that form the overall image. Appearance is the element that most people think of when asked to define a person's image. Within the first 7 seconds of observing a person, we make certain decisions based on our perceptions, which may or may not be accurate. The face is particularly important in determining a person's image. Aspects such as facial features, skin tone, health, and glow of the skin, are vital.

Tanyaradzwa Chikuni is a CIDESCO certified beauty therapist and in this episode, Tanya guides us on:

  1. How to maintain healthy skin;

  2. The importance of applying sunscreen to your skin;

  3. Recommended beauty treatments;

  4. What is semi-permanent makeup?

  5. Essential body treatments to keeping a healthy, fit body.

Press play and immerse yourself in the world of beauty and skincare. Be educated, be enlightened and be entertained.