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What is your AQ?

So we have all heard about IQ (intellectual quotient), now we hear more about EQ (emotional quotient) or emotional intelligence particularly in relation to workplace success. I believe there is also something called AQ – aesthetic quotient and that mine is particularly high. It has taken me many years, a lot of introspection and sometimes feeling bad about it before realising and accepting what a God-given gift it is. I credit my husband for giving me the “playing field” as well as my personal Life Coach Laurie Thompson who “gave me the permission” to be me and to embrace the fact that I love all things beautiful and that it was ok.

Sometimes that’s what we need, someone to reveal to us that we have the permission to be great in our area of gifting. I hope to give someone out there that “aha moment” too through my blogs.

Now let me clarify, aesthetic quotient as I define it is my inclination to notice, be attracted to, create and love all things beautiful. It is an ability to use aesthetic information to guide thinking and behaviour, and manage environments and items to achieve certain goals.

That includes but is not limited to beautiful spaces, beautiful (inside and outside) people – being able to see the beautiful sides of people, thinking beautiful thoughts, beautiful mannerisms, beautiful eloquent speech, loving peace (as an Enneagram type 9) that peace being a beautiful state of existence in itself. I can walk into a room and I will notice all the beautiful elements. I have the ability to notice what is out of place and out of balance not just with spaces but also with people.

I believe our God applied a lot of aesthetics in His creations, just observing the beauty in nature, the order and structure in all His creations, how systems even in the human body work together beautifully fills me with awe. The ability to create or bring out beauty is a spiritual gift. I do it to glorify God.

One of my most memorable moments in my aesthetics journey involved two elements I am passionate about – the word of God and style. I was watching gospel television when an amazing woman was showcased. Her name is Paula White. This was at a time when there were few female preachers, let alone televangelists. The few female pastors (and pastors wives) I observed tended to dress in rather drab and unappealing attire. But Paula White was on point, dressed to the nines in well tailored clothing, high heels, long manicured nails, beautiful make up, perfect hair that framed her face well. It absolutely filled me with joy to see a woman who loved the Lord, filled with the Holy Spirit and looked like she had paid as much attention to her prayer life as her appearance.

My expression of my gift in this forum is as an Image Consultant, helping you navigate beautifully in the areas of appearance, behaviour and communication. I do not follow all fashion trends but pursue style that transcends fashion trends and can be timeless.

Walk this beautiful journey with me. I give you permission to increase your AQ!


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