The Importance of Good Posture

Good posture is an important element in the overall image of an individual. It affects your appearance and denotes positive body language.

Professional Presence employs a qualified body therapy specialist who is ITEC (UK) certified in Body Electrical Treatments, Figure Diagnosis and Anatomy & Physiology. Her areas of expertise include electrical body toning equipment, specifically – G5, faradic, micro-current, vacuum suction, interferential, galvanic iontophoresis and electrophoresis. Her duties include body analysis which is the first crucial analysis done for all image clients we assist. One of the aspects she identifies for correction is “figure faults and posture defects” which almost every person has.

She had this to say on the importance of good posture:

Image, wellness and posture

Good posture directly influences and has an impact on the cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems.

This means that the state of sitting, standing, walking or sleeping in good posture or form will impact how we breathe, the circulation of our blood, the drainage of toxins out of our body, proper digestion as well as the effective use of our muscles. When an individual adopts good posture their organs are aligned for efficiency.

Good posture is a state in which the musculoskeletal system has achieved a state of tonus of muscles where they can effectively hold together the skeleton to avoid the creation of figure faults and postural conditions such as scoliosis (the lateral curvature of the spine to the left or right which results in one shoulder being higher than the other). This can be caused by carrying a handbag or satchel predominantly on one shoulder. Another common figure fault is Dowager’s hump which is the accumulation of fatty deposits in the cervical region (back of neck). This can be caused by looking down at your phone for long periods of time.

If one manages to adopt the correct posture they may recognise a notable positive change in their breathing pattern. Breaths are deeper, slower and more relaxed – not like you’re constantly trying to gasp for air. An efficient respiratory system means that there is enough oxygen deposition into the blood stream to allow for proper nourishment of organs and muscles.

Proper nourishment of organs and muscles results in (for example) the entire digestive system being able to work efficiently, or the brain having enough oxygen to relay important information to the muscles to initiate and prompt fluid, seamless movement.

Another example of the benefit of good posture is its impact on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system works hand in hand with the circulatory system. It is a system that drains and processes blood and other fluids for the effective removal of waste products from the body. It works through blind ended tubes that start in various places in the body and lead to lymph nodes. The fact that these lymph vessels, as they are called, are blind ended means that they are not connected to any form of “pump” that will, as the heart does with blood, propel lymph to its destination. Therefore, the lymphatic system depends heavily on day to day movements such as walking, stretching, standing or even sitting to move lymph along the lymph vessels.

Incorrect posture could result in lymph remaining stagnant in areas of the body causing all sorts of adverse reactions, which is why having strong toned muscles and being able to sit, stand or walk in the right positions is so important for overall good health.

Besides the physical benefits good posture has, it’s also a very attractive quality, and this can boost self-esteem and confidence. Which is a double win, if you ask me!”

Article by ITEC (UK) certified and qualified body therapist Farai Chopera.

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