Effective hydration can result in improved health, appearance and great overall image.

Ways to hydrate:

  • Drinking water

  • Drinking beverages such as juices or teas

  • Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as watermelon, baby melon, cucumber

  • IV drip at a vitamin bar

Benefits of drinking water for your image (appearance, behaviour and communication) include:

Improved tone and texture of skin

When you drink a sufficient amount of water your skin retains its plumpness, making you look healthy. Insufficient water intake results in dry, cracked, ashen skin as well as open pores which are all unattractive qualities that affect your overall appearance.

Reduced body odour

Body odour is a barrier to communication.  It hinders effective communication because it distracts from the message you actually want to communicate.  No one intentionally wants to present themselves as a smelly individual – yet regrettably some are affected by body odour.  Drinking more water (in conjunction with effective bathing and cleansing routines) can reduce the intensity of body odour.

Reduces halitosis

As with general body odour, bad breath negatively affects your ability to communicate effectively, it affects your confidence thus ultimately affecting your image.  Drinking more water (together with other strategies) can help to reduce halitosis.

Mitigates lethargy

When dehydrated one feels tired, sleepy and may even experience headaches.  A lack of energy and lethargic behaviour is a serious impediment to good image. Water is one of the substances that can be absorbed at a cell level in your body. Instead of reaching for an energy drink opt for continuous, consistent water consumption during the course of the day.

It is a good self-care behaviour/ritual

When you care about yourself your behaviour shows it.  You do things that show that you value your health, wellness and your future

Communicates that you are intentional about your wellness

Whether we like it or not those around us see what we do more than what we say.  We watch others in creating perceptions and learning how to be successful and others watch us too.  Behaviours such as drinking water as a lifestyle choice communicate innuendos that say you are intentional and even strategic about your behaviour, therefore you have the  capacity to be positively intentional and strategic in other areas of your personal and work life.

If you want to be more interesting (which is one of the hallmarks of having a good image) then have water intake strategies.  A few suggestions from us include:

Infused water

We are so blessed in Zimbabwe to have numerous varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs, some that we can grow in our own gardens that can be used in infused water recipes.  To get the most flavour in the taste of the water infuse it with the fruit/vegetables/herbs and refrigerate overnight.

My personal favourite infused water recipe contains cucumber, mint and apple.

Stylish water utensils

Buy yourself beautiful water utensils.  There are so many style and colour options on the market to cater for all tastes.  Whether you want a glass set and jug (from crystal to plastic) for your office/workstation or a collection of portable water bottles, the options are limitless.  Give yourself that extra motivation to drink water by making it stylish.

Drink-water app

Have a reminder-to-drink-water application on your mobile phone.  Again this communicates intentionality which is great for your image.

Tell us how you are incorporating water intake into your busy schedule. The most unique image-enhancing hydration idea stands to win one free style consultation voucher.