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Know your measurements

Know your measurements.

There are different body shapes (pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle) and within those body shapes there are different heights, lengths and segment sizes. When you dress according to your body shape you improve your overall look and your image. It may sound like child’s-play but there is science to it.

To take it a step further – there are different face shapes (oval, round, diamond, square, rectangle, pear). The shape of your face determines the type of make up application process (known as contouring or corrective make up) that you may need to do. Your face shape determines the ideal eyewear, and yes – earwear (earings). The length and shape of your neck determines the ideal accessories – necklaces, scarfs, clothing necklines that you should wear. Yes, that means poloneck is not for everyone.

Bust size

For women, it is vital to get your bust size measured as this ensures you actually wear the right brassier. Wearing the right bra ensures comfort, improves posture and gives clothes a good fitting, svelte appearance. If your bra leaves a gap on the cup, or leaves your breasts bulging out then it is an incorrect cup size. If the chest band is too tight and digs into your chest or makes you appear as if you have breasts on your back then it is the wrong size. Professional Presence provides the service of measuring for correct bra size to clients as part of the initial consultation.


After a certain age one’s height does not change. Then it can change again in later years if you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis resulting in issues such as bow legs. Having your height measured is useful in making calculations for BMI. More specific measurements such as segment size are useful for assisting you in determining the clothing styles that best suit your segment lengths. The Body Therapist at Professional Presence works with clients to measure and record these specific body measurements which are then used for individual style analysis and advice.


Weight fluctuates and changes very frequently, particularly for women after a certain age. On its own, knowing your weight can be a source of frustration if it is not the weight that you want. It is important to note that muscle weighs more than fat so if you have fitness goals then one is advised not to focus too much on the basic weight figure. A person who weighs 80kg with more muscle looks different to a person who weighs 80kg comprised mostly of fat tissue. Professional Presence uses a detailed scale that can measure body weight, body fat percentage, bone weight, muscle percentage and water percentage in your body. This gives you more detailed, useful information and gives you specific target areas to work on improving.


Having measured weight and height a useful measurement for clients to know is their BMI. The body mass index, or BMI, is, put simply, a calculation used to determine your level of body fat. In some cases, it can help a doctor determine your overall fitness and your risk of developing chronic diseases. Be that as it may, BMI is not the only factor your doctor considers, and it isn’t a completely reliable assessment for every body type or level of fitness, but it is a good guide. This is a simple calculation for us to do and one of the measurements we will do as part of our service at Professional Presence.

Measurements for clothing

Clothing size measurements are the ones that most directly affect your appearance and image. Different countries (regions) have different clothing sizes. The common country size ranges found on clothing tags are USA, UK/AU/NZ and Italy. It is essential to know your own measurements before going shopping or sending a personal shopper because clothing size inconsistencies are common when purchasing from different clothing manufacturers and retailers in different countries. These sizing inconsistencies can be also be as a result of different fabrics, cuts and even vanity sizing.

Owing to different body shapes it is possible for one to have a torso that is a size higher or lower than the lower body. Pear shaped women for example can require size 34 blouses or jackets and size 38 trousers and skirts. A good tailor can assist to bring alignment to your clothes where you are forced to purchase a suit in on size. Professional Presence can refer clients to good tailors who can adjust your clothing for best results for your image.

Shoe size

Knowing and wearing the correct shoe size is essential for your image. As with clothing size – wearing oversized shoes or shoes that are too small will affect your posture, your ability to walk with confidence and your general appearance. The last thing you want to do is to take off your shoes owing to discomfort. A reputable footwear store can provide accurate shoe size measurements. Knowing these will be useful if you find yourself shopping in a foreign country or when using the services of a personal shopper.

Make an appointment for your figure diagnosis and body measurements. Information is power.


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