IV treatments for beauty and wellness

Intravenous vitamin therapy for beauty and wellness

I grew up hating needles, like most “regular” human beings I guess. Right into adulthood I would still cringe at the idea of having an injection and would even attempt to negotiate with the doctor for an oral alternative. But for some reason, I was very eager to have my first intravenous dose of various vitamins and nutrients at The IV Bar.

As you know I love all things aesthetics. Once I find out about an aesthetics treatment then I’m always happy to try it out, for my own enjoyment and my friends’ benefit when I give them my review – so it’s a win-win!

I have recently encountered several women who have that glow that seems to never fade and they swear by the efficacy of the glutathione IV drips. The IV drips are not just for the beauty conscious but also great for boosting immunity (vitamin C), reducing stress, aiding in muscle recovery, increasing your level of essential minerals, rehydrating, boosting energy. As a woman in my 40s running a business, chasing fitness goals and managing a home, with all the demands that come with having a husband and children, I definitely needed energy boosting, stress reduction and rehydration.

My visit to The IV Bar in Bryanston was as pleasurable as I imagined. The space itself is aesthetically pleasing and calm and the nurse in attendance had good customer service. The only other client during my 5pm time slot was a mature lady, possibly late 50s or early 60s but who looked so vibrant from head to toe. Even her afro seemed to have a glow. “Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” is normally an adage for 16year olds but now even 60 year olds can have that appearance. These factors convinced me even more that I was onto something. So as advised by the registered nurse who attended to me, I took a deep breath as she slid the needle into the vein just below the bend of my arm and I relaxed for the next 30 minutes while I received 1 litre of saline infused with vitamin B12, vitamin B complex, Magnesium sulphate, glutathione and vitamin C in their “Jetfuel” drip.

Admittedly, one week later I have not yet started to notice the skin glow but I have definitely felt a marked improvement in my energy levels. My creative juices certainly seem to be flowing again as I am back to blogging and created six modules for one of my online courses in one day. Riding on this energy and clarity of thought I hope to finish my long overdue book.

So it’s a “yes please” from me, I will be back for another intravenous drip infusion next month. I’m adding it to my list of self-care routine activities.

Have you tried it? Let me know your experience.