Fat freezing

These two words are hair-raising for me. I don’t like the words either separately or combined as they induce negative emotions.

My body is prone to large deposits of adipose tissue (that soft fat that can be found beneath the skin on the tummy, thighs and inner arms). So that means I have to exercise and watch what I eat if I want to look slim. I like to exercise moderately and I love to eat and that means there are times when I have to wage the battle of the bulge – I’m currently losing that battle. Covid lockdown has not helped at all – in the first lockdown the anxiety and comfort eating that occurred resulted in me gaining approximately 16kgs.

I have come to understand my body and know that she is very responsive to stimuli either positive or negative – I can lose weight if I focus on exercise and diet, I can gain weight easily if I don’t. With increased age, exposure to aesthetics trends and increased resources I find myself keen on trying more aggressive ways to deal with the bulge. This led me to @L_aesthetics and their fat freezing treatment.

The therapists explained the treatment, the equipment to be used and were responsive to my numerous questions. During any beauty treatment I am that client who wants to understand what you are going to do, why you will do it, what sensation I can expect to encounter during the treatment and even after the treatment when I get home.

It is now one month since my treatment. I was advised to expect “some changes” after a period of 30 days. I am not seeing much change at present. However, the therapists advised that the best results can be seen after three treatments. So, I will update you after the third treatment. But for now, tell me if you would go this far (or even further with surgical methods) to be victorious in the war against fat and the goal of maintaining a slim physique.

Let me know which non-surgical beauty treatments you would like me to try out and review in my next blog.