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Do you read your clothing care labels?

In 2018 I had the good fortune to be able to travel to France. On my to-do list was to purchase some good quality clothing items. One of my style personalities is athleisure so I stopped by the Nike store and treated myself to some gorgeous black activewear.

Upon my return to sunny Harare I then had to give the cleaning instructions for my activewear to my helper. One of the things she struggled with was understanding that these particular clothes were not to be hung out on the washing line in the sunshine. This was not just me being particular but it was because the material texture and dye required extra care and protection. The reality is that many people never read the care instructions. In fact some will cut them off before wear as they may be irritating when they rub against the skin.

These label instructions can vary from directions on how to wash and dry and related temperature issues, whether or not to bleach or use softener, whether or not to hang or wring, or directions on whether or not to iron.

It is very important to read clothing instructions when we purchase clothes. Everything that we wear will need cleaning at some point either at home or at a dry cleaner. In order to retain the quality of those clothes items we must always read the label that is appended on the inside. Labels can be stitched onto the left side seam other times on the collar or top hem of our clothes.

The way we care for our clothes impacts on the way our clothes appear when we wear them. The better care you take of your clothes, the better you will look.

What are some of the strangest clothing label care instructions you have ever encountered?


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