Hands Off My Cosmetics Bags

In our second episode, we continue to explore topics and issues around beauty and skincare, specifically on makeup. In today's world, makeup is a necessity for one to exude a polished appearance.

Both men and women wear makeup in different forms for various reasons. Some use makeup to draw attention away from certain flaws and illnesses, to camouflage scars, tattoos, birthmarks and hair loss. Others use makeup to draw attention to themselves or to create a look of even-toned beauty, vibrancy and femininity.

Whatever your reason for wearing makeup maybe, it is a necessary image management tool which, when used correctly, can enhance your natural beauty.

Audrey Paradza is an ITEC (UK) and CIDESCO (CH) certified beauty therapist and makeup artist. In this episode, Audrey takes us through invaluable tips and advice on:

1. The age when a woman should never leave home without her makeup;

2. The importance of blush for ethnic skin tones;

3. Brand loyalty in makeup;

4. The 6 essential makeup items to pack in your bag;

5. Makeup etiquette and the risks of sharing makeup products.

Press play and immerse yourself in the world of beauty and skincare. Be educated, be enlightened and be entertained.