Professional Presence Academy

Professional Presence Academy courses are specially designed to empower students with skills that give them a competitive advantage in the industry.  Courses range from Grooming and Etiquette, Personal Development and Beauty Therapy. Our groundbreaking Makeup Artistry course teaches current trends in makeup application, the science of makeup, and focuses on the business of makeup to create international makeup entrepreneurs.  Our courses cater for all ages and genders; we encourage male students to enrol with us.

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Rough Diamond to Polished Bootcamp

This two-day personal development course for 16 to 24-year-olds will give you the tools you need to present your best first and repeat impressions and increase your chances of social, academic, and professional success. Learn the strategies required to be considered an attractive, affluent, and intelligent man or woman of today through your appearance, behaviour, and communication. 

Make-up Artistry

This 10-day professional makeup artistry programme (both online and in-class) is aimed towards students who wish to learn all the basic skills in makeup artistry without having to enrol full time into beauty school for several months.

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Professional Presence Children Grooming.

Children's Grooming and Etiquette Workshop

Give your children a competitive advantage with this fun and interactive one-day Grooming and Etiquette workshop. The workshop teaches your children to master their appearance, behaviour, and communication to enhance their overall education and set them head and shoulders above the rest. 

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